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Finnish alternative rock band Mummypowder fronted by singer-songwriter Janne Lehtinen are celebrating their 25th anniversary with their new comeback single Sara’s Song, which harkens back to the band’s golden years. The new single will be released on the All That Plazz record label on Friday 18 September 2020 and marks the return of the band to the Finnish indie elite. Sara’s Song is Mummypowder’s first own song since their 2011 album Centuries Later.

Even though Mummypowder enjoys a small international cult reputation, Sara’s Song will no doubt  surprise many with its world-class production and pop genius – in an ideal world, the piece could easily feature on hit playlists alongside the likes of Phoenix, Tame Impala, Father John Misty, The Strokes, Mac Demarco and why not even Coldplay. At the very least, the song shines the spotlight on the talents of Janne Lehtinen as an artist and songwriter, a real hidden gem who tends not to make a big noise about himself.

Mummypowder have released four albums during their long career. Even before the release of their first LP, The Heavyweight Champions, the band appeared at SXSW festivals in the USA and even at the legendary CBGB club in New York. The band’s 2004 album Consternation! Uproar! was officially released also in Japan, establishing their cult reputation in the land of the rising sun. Mummypowder have also released music together with Local Al based on the poetry of Harri Hartell.

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